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Paris White

Life Jackets Float You Don’t.

   The Paris White Foundation was established in August of 2005 after we tragically lost our 2 year old daughter in a drowning accident.  Our goal is to help educate and inform people about how serious drowning, and near drownings can be. 

   Drowning is the 2nd leading cause of death among children from ages 1-15 years old. An accident that can happen in as little as 30 seconds can change your life forever.  It is known as the “silent killer”.  You can be in sight, yet hear nothing.

    We realize that it is not possible to place hard covers on all swimming pools or place alarms on all doors.  But perhaps if we start with the public facilities, people will begin to realize how serious of an issue this is.  If we can save just one life our purpose will be fulfilled. 

    Our goal is to have life jacket loaner boards, or any other life jacket loaner program at every open water or regulated facility in the state of Washington.  This will help those people who may have forgotten a life jacket or may not own a life jacket to still have a safe and enjoyable time around the water.